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Strategically located at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, and with offices at the World Cargo Center, we have a 60,000-square foot warehouse with the necessary infrastructure to handle all types of warehousing including Cold Chain.

Our qualified and certified, 60,000-square foot warehouse can accommodate proper storage and handling for all materials ranging from dry to HAZMAT goods. Prime Air Corp. has the expertise and services to meet and exceed your warehousing distribution goals.

Prime Air has the most advanced and largest Cold Chain warehouse at the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport.

The Pharma Temperature Control area of:

  • 11,500 sq. ft. divided into two adaptable chambers, 5,000 sq. ft. facilities 2-8 ℃ and 15- 25 ℃
  •  Monitoring Capability
  •  Validated Mapping

We are in full compliance with all the US DHS / TSA security regulations, including:

  • Employee Security Screening
  •  Freight Security
  • Chain of Custody / Storage of Security Sensitive Materials and Equipment

As 24/7 logistics strategists at Prime Air, we operate 365 days a year to ensure the continuity of the operations of the companies and to support the supply chain.

At Prime Air we have managed to play a vital role in the purchase process of our clients to help them reach their organizational objectives. As business allies of our clients, we focus in the search of added value and we identify opportunities of cost reduction in the supply chain process.