Refrigerated & Hazardous Materials

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Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)

Are products classified by the US DOT as potentially dangerous to the environment or population. Special attention must be made when shipping hazardous materials. Our Safety and Compliance Department is available to discuss any questions you have regarding shipping, packaging or regulations call (787) 253-3355

Prime Air Corp will reduce the hazards of transporting your hazardous freight shipments. We are a fully compliant HAZMAT certified Carrier and our drivers are Hazmat Endorsed

Refrigerated – Temperature Controlled Shipments

For perishable or temperature-controlled products, Prime Air Corp has the capacity and expertise for your shipping needs.

Our logistics experts understand the complexity and low margin for error in moving Temperature Controlled produces. We are involved in every detail of a refrigerated shipment and monitor its status from origin to destination. We make sure your goods are transported in the correct, temperature-controlled environment.  We have a 2-8C & 15-25C refrigerated warehouse fully compliant with Pharma standards.