Prime Air: Logistics Industry Leader in and beyond Puerto Rico

//Prime Air: Logistics Industry Leader in and beyond Puerto Rico

Prime Air: Logistics Industry Leader in and beyond Puerto Rico

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Prime Air Corp. competes with multinational logistics and transportation companies by providing a personalized and transparent service with the import and export of cargo to any part of the world.

With more than 20 years of experience backed by its trajectory, the Puerto Rican logistics company has become a leader in the logistics and transportation industry within and beyond Puerto Rico shores. The company’s leadership is attributed to its personalized service, transparency, flexibility, adaptability and consistency in providing excellent service to its clients, thus fulfilling its promise of offering a first class service.


“At Prime Air we have been pioneers in offering unique and world-class services in the logistics and transportation industry such as 24/7 delivery service on weekends, on holidays and the first temperature-controlled warehouse in the international Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport for the handling and distribution of refrigerated products to any destination in the world,” said Gabriel Vincent, Operations Director for Prime Air. “This has been possible through the planning, design, and optimization of logistics processes and constant communication with our clients, which include manufacturing, bioscience, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, among others.”


The success of Prime Air is based on the constant search for specialized transport solutions, adapted to the needs and demands of the client, which allows the import or export of cargo according to the delivery objectives of each of its clients, which guarantees a top quality and on-time service.

“We offer all our clients specialized solutions based on their needs, we do not make the client adapt to our services,” said Vincent. “We coordinate the transportation of materials, products and cargo that a company or client needs, from the point of supply to its final destination in strict compliance with their requirements.”

One of the main challenges that the company has faced during its history has been to obtain the first opportunity to compete and prove its capabilities to potential clients of multinational companies. However, once these companies experience Prime Air’s their services, they become frequent customers and strategic allies in their supply chain.


“Planning and measurement are essential at Prime Air. That is why we carefully evaluate the strategies and their results to detect new opportunities and make better decisions,” said Steven Vincent, Director of Business Development at Prime Air. “To carry out this continuous evaluation process, we are governed by key performance indicators (KPI).”


Through its KPIs, Prime Air Corp. has achieved 100% visibility and monitoring of each shipment, whether by air, sea or in its own temperature-controlled warehouses where customers have visibility of temperature and humidity. Likewise, the company has achieved 99.7% OnTime Delivery.


Eighty-six percent of Prime Air’s volume is comprised of the “time sensitive” air freight service, which in turn is divided into 67 percent domestic cargo and 33 percent international cargo.


The company’s vision for the future involves focusing on continuing to be the strongest link in the supply chain of its clients for their transportation needs within and outside of Puerto Rico.


Technology and innovation have been an integral part of the communication and transparency processes at all stages of cargo handling, both in tracking, transportation and controlled temperature storage in which we have 24/7 monitoring, through a application that allows visibility in real time,” added Steven Vincent.


Prime Air Corp. offers services to 9 of the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies providing air freight services such as Time Critical including Next Day, Weekend Shipment, Charters, Overnight services.


Strategically located at the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport, Primer Air Corp. has the most advanced infrastructure and technology. The company’s temperature controlled warehouses —both 2-8c and 15-25c— meet the growing demand of pharmaceutical and medical device companies on the Island in compliance with all the demands and quality controls that the industry requires.