Prime Air develops its next generation of leaders to reach the next level.

//Prime Air develops its next generation of leaders to reach the next level.

Prime Air develops its next generation of leaders to reach the next level.

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With more than 2 decades in the logistics and transportation industry and a proven track record at the international level, the family-owned company Prime Air Corp. has put in place a succession plan that will allow its new generation of leaders to take the reins of the company and continue its sustained development towards 2023, said Iris Vincent, president of Prime Air, who founded the business alongside her husband Tom Vincent. The couple, together with sons Gabriel and Steven and Prime Air’s complete work team, have achieved the exponential growth of their operation to position the company as a leader in the air, maritime, and land cargo. Prime Air can handle cargo to anywhere in the world, with 24/7 monitoring of shipments.

“Preserving the principles and values ​​of Prime Air as a company is essential to continue our family legacy, and for this reason, we established an early succession plan that seeks to preserve and increase what has been achieved to date,” said Iris Vincent. “Looking ahead, we are excited to have the leadership of Gabriel and Steven who have worked for the company for the past 12 years, have embraced our principles and values, and brought successful concepts that have helped the company grow over the past years.”

Likewise, Tom Vincent highlighted the commitment, innovation, creativity and enthusiasm of the Vincent brothers.


“As a working team, they have demonstrated their analytical capacity to find opportunities in challenging situations, which has been essential to offer solutions with greater performance to the needs of our clients”, assured Tom Vincent.

Gabriel Vincent currently serves as Director of Operations for Prime Air Corp. He is responsible for achieving on-time delivery of finished goods and raw materials moving globally by air and sea. Under his leadership, Prime Air Corp. has achieved a 99.70% average on-time delivery, strengthening customer service satisfaction.

For his part, Steven Vincent, as Director of Business Development has been responsible for integrating the management of sales, marketing and brand-related activities at Prime Air Corp to drive growth and enhance brand value. His strategic plans have resulted in a 35% growth in sales, mainly attributed to an increase in the pharmaceutical & healthcare sector and specialized markets.

As part of the succession plan, Gabriel and Steven are part of the Guayacán Venture Accelerator 2022 workshop, designed to accelerate business growth and take the company to the next level. They participate in other business development programs as well.


“As siblings we grew up admiring the tenacity and commitment of our parents Iris and Tom in establishing a strong and competitive business to meet the needs of the industries supply chain,” said Gabriel Vicent. “We have witnessed and participated in the transformation of Prime Air Corp and we feel proud and grateful for the opportunity and responsibility of managing the company towards a common sense of purpose and values.”

For his part, Steven echoed his brother’s expressions.


“We are focused on perpetuating and spreading the principles and values ​​of the family and the company,” said Steven. “We reiterate our commitment to carrying forward the family legacy, satisfying and exceeding the expectations of our clients through the implementation of our values: transparency, adaptability, flexibility, and personalized services.”

Prime Air Corp. offers reliable transportation services in Latin America, the United States and other international countries. The company specializes in fast shipping, being expert’s in Time Critical, 2nd and 3rd Day Delivery, International and Domestic Ocean. Prime Air, the only company to have temperature-controlled warehouses at the Luis Muñiz Marín airport in San Juan, is focused on meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical, life-sciences and medical device industries.