Prime Air inaugurates new ambient temperature warehouse at San Juan airport

//Prime Air inaugurates new ambient temperature warehouse at San Juan airport

Prime Air inaugurates new ambient temperature warehouse at San Juan airport

2021-01-27T16:07:46+00:00January 27th, 2021|

After an investment of 250 thousand dollars in improvements, the Puerto Rican global logistics services company, Prime Air Corp, inaugurated a new ambient temperature warehouse in the cargo area of the Luis Muñoz Marín airport to supply the needs of manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical device, life sciences and bio sciences companies, especially now given the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic

“By establishing the new ambient temperature warehouse, Prime Air reaffirms its commitment to the industrial and commercial sector to play a proactive role in the supply chain for the movement of cargo outside and within Puerto Rico, helping ensure the continuity of plans of businesses in these Coronavirus pandemic times,”said Iris Vincent, president and co-founder of Prime Air Corp, a company with 20 years of leadership on the island and an agent of Stevens Global Logistics in Puerto Rico. “In addition, the COVID-19 emergency has highlighted the importance of supply chains to supply people with essential products.”

The new warehouse consists of 12,500 square feet with the capacity to store 850 pallets at room ambient temperature. It has a surveillance and monitoring system 24 hours a day and flexible hours for receiving of merchandise. The future plans are to convert this facility to a 15-25C controlled temperature warehouse, in order to expand our 15-25C capacity.
Since 2019, Prime Air also has a 12,000 square foot temperature controlled warehouse located in the cargo area of the Luis Muñoz Marín airport. Equipped with the most advanced technology and with the highest industry standards, it provides flexibility, adaptability and optimal conditions for the handling and storage of medicines, active ingredients, medical devices and refrigerated components, all this at 2-8C and 15-25C.

After the arrival of the pandemic on the Island, Prime Air has maintained its operations without interruption, providing services to the pharmaceutical industry, in compliance with the protocols of the executive orders issued in the face of the pandemic and the self-certification established by the DTRH and PROSHA.

“Thanks to our logistics team, Prime Air has managed to become a trusted ally of our customers capable of aligning with the best practices of the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical device industry by meeting the required delivery schedules, ensuring continuity of business and quality control of manufacturing processes despite the emergency we are facing with COVID-19,”said Vincent.

Established in 2001, Prime Air Corp. has 60 thousand square feet of storage, the infrastructure for all types of storage and the support of a workforce of 30 direct and 52 indirect employees.
The company offers sensitive or critical cargo movement to and from Puerto Rico from any destination in the world and fast deliveries 24/7 door to door. Plus, it handles the movement of heavy, oversized, refrigerated or hazardous materials cargo.

Prime Air Corp is recognized for its cargo charter flights with more than 40 types of aircraft available ranging from Cessna aircraft for small emergency shipments to an Antonov An-124-100 with a cargo capacity of more than 500,000 pounds.