15 years in the business with 24/7 cargo management solutions for the manufacturing industry.

//15 years in the business with 24/7 cargo management solutions for the manufacturing industry.

15 years in the business with 24/7 cargo management solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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With the launch of new integrated logistics solutions for the cargo management of the manufacturing and medical devices industry, the 100% Puerto Rican company Prime Air Corp. celebrates its 15 anniversary in the market, said Iris Vincent, president and co-founder along with her husband Tom Vincent, of Prime Air. The company, which is an agent on the island for U.S. based Steven Global Logistics, provides innovative and relevant logistics solutions 24/7, offering services such as transport, warehousing, and delivery of machinery, equipment or products to anywhere in the world.
“At Prime Air we continue strengthening our logistics services to provide personalized, flexible and innovative solutions 24/7 for the urgent movement of large machinery or heavy equipment from and to anywhere in the world,” said Iris Vincent, highlighting the experience that the company has gained in working with emergency service orders, even on weekends, for the air, maritime, or land movement of cargo. “Thus, our clients can receive it in time and comply with their manufacturing schedules, product launchings, business expansions or personal needs.”

One of the areas of significant growth for Prime Air has been in the cargo charter flights. In fact, recently the company received for the first time on the island the Russian-made Antonov’s AN-74TK-100 cargo plane in an emergency flight from Denmark, transporting raw materials as part of a special project. Last year Prime Air also successfully operated in four separate occasions the Antonov AN-124-100 aircraft, the second largest cargo aircraft in the world with capacity to transport up to 500,000 pounds, in this case with the mission of keeping a production line running. These are just two of various cargo aircraft Prime Air has worked with and operated.
“The strategic collaboration that we have achieved with our clients for the movement of highly sensitive cargo has been fundamental for maintaining the continuity of the projects and operations of the businesses and enterprises we serve,” said Vincent.
With a workforce of 22 direct and 17 indirect employees, Prime Air’s experienced team has succeed in specializing in offering solutions in face of the constant and ever-changing local and global challenges that arise in supply chains. This approach and focus has resulted in a 20 percent annual growth throughout the past five years, said Vicent.
Strategically located at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, and with offices at the World Cargo Center, in the municipality of Carolina, Prime Air has a 60,000 square foot warehouse with the necessary infrastructure to handle all types of warehousing. Besides its specialty in handling emergency logistics services for the manufacturing industry, Prime Air has a wide and varied roster of offerings which include handling critical deliveries, air and maritime freight services to anywhere in the world, and transportation of sensitive, refrigerated cargo and of hazardous materials, as well as chartered aircraft services.
Vincent explained that for the coming three years the company is confident in its growth, including doubling its labor force.
“Nothing stops us in our dedication, efforts and goal of looking with optimism at the development of our island, of supporting the growth and strengthening of the manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies in Puerto Rico,” said Vincent. “This is along with the federal agencies we serve with the delivery of products and machinery within the expected time frame in an expedient and consistent manner.”
Prime Air, which has reached 99.25 percent in the delivery of cargo in the expected time frame for its clients, adds its experience and knowledge in the business as a member of the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association and the Pharmaceutical Industry Association of Puerto Rico, while contributing to the development of the freight and transportation industry in Puerto Rico.