Prime Air: Allies in the transportation of heavy and critical cargo in the pharmaceutical industry

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Prime Air: Allies in the transportation of heavy and critical cargo in the pharmaceutical industry

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With a proven track record in the movement of critical, heavy or excessively sized cargo, the 24/7 Puerto Rican company and provider of global logistics services, Prime Air Corp. has succeeded in becoming a reliable and trustworthy ally that is able to align itself with the best practices of the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, by complying with the required delivery schedules, ensuring the continuity of business and the quality control of its clients’ manufacturing processes.

Iris Vincent, president and co-founder of Prime Air Corp, which is also an agent in Puerto Rico of the stateside-based Stevens Global Logistics, explained that through a personalized system that that applies intelligent solutions, tailor-made for clients, Prime Air offers a wide and vast range of logistics solutions to provide the best yield in transit and cost on the movement of cargo, ensuring the integrity of the product, be it raw materials, finished products, sensitive materials, machinery or heavy equipment so that manufacturing companies can continue operations in any situation or eventuality.

“At Prime Air we have a team of experts trained to adopt strict quality controls and logistics in the collection of materials, products or machinery, and in their shipping, storage and transportation to reach any destination in the world at the required time,” Vincent said.

Through the On Board Couriers service, Prime Air Corp. offers sensitive or critical cargo transportation to and from Puerto Rico from any destination in the world, while for fast 24/7 door-to-door deliveries and transportation of heavy cargo, oversized, refrigerated or hazardous materials the company has the Next Day Flight service.

“For next-day deliveries, two or three day deliveries, during weekends or holidays, we have succeeded in implementing innovative approaches to address the demands of the manufacturing sector which continuously faces fast, changing and highly competitive business environments,” Vincent explained.

Prime Air Corp. also stands apart from the rest for its charter cargo flights service with more than 40 types of aircraft available which include everything from Cessna airplanes for small, emergency deliveries, to an Antonov An-225 with a cargo capacity of more than 500,000 pounds.

“As a result of the putting in place of an optimal and efficient process that meets the needs of our customers, today more than 50 percent of the business volume of Prime Air Corp. is constituted by the pharmaceutical and medical device industry,” Vincent added.

Prime Air Corp. has a 60,000 square foot warehouse with the infrastructure needed for all types of storage. With a workforce of 22 direct and 27 indirect employees, the company is certified as a critical industrial supplier under the regulation of Law 154 and belongs to the National Minority Supplier Development Council. The company is also certified as a women’s enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Puerto Rico for U.S. – based Stevens Global Logistics.

“At Prime Air we have managed to play a vital role in the purchase process of our clients to help them reach their organizational objectives,” said Vincent. “As business allies of our clients, we focus in the search of added value and we identify opportunities of cost reduction in the supply chain process.”